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Organic Outreach Long Term Results


With us, you pay for performance, not promises.

You Pay For Performance Not Promises.

What Sets Us Apart?

Ideal Prospect
List Building

Masterful Lead Generators & Sales Funnels

Manual Outreach &
Organic Advertising

Pay for Results,
Not Promise


Narratives That Ignite Your Brand Appeal

StoryBrand transforms you into a reliable guide, positioning your prospects as the story’s heroes. By aligning with their ambitions and hurdles, you provide spot-on solutions, ensuring exceptional conversions and fostering a genuine bond with your brand.

AI-Powered Work Platform

Centralize, Optimize, & Thrive

Manage leads, sales, and marketing campaigns seamlessly from a unified dashboard. Leveraging its AI-driven insights, we stay a step ahead, transforming data into actionable strategies and tangible growth.

Performance Marketing

Invest in Results, Not Promises

We keep it simple. We ask that you cover monthly system costs, and as your sales take shape, we introduce a performance-based fee structure, which means when you win we win.

Expertly Crafted Content 

From Engagement to Conversion

We provide top-notch email, LinkedIn, blog, and website content, expertly tailored to capture your audience’s attention and guide them seamlessly from engagement to conversion.

Awards To Our Founders

How Do Our B2B Growth Engines Work?

We masterfully utilize LinkedIn, voice, and email to pinpoint leads. By captivating them with compelling magnets, we channel them through our StoryBrand funnel.

Precision in
Every Prospect

We don’t just find leads; we connect you with primed decision-makers.

That Sells

We weave tales that stick, sway, and set your brand apart in the B2B realm.

Sales Funnels

Automate success with high converting landing pages, emails and lead gen systems

Email Marketing
That Packs a Punch

Tailored email strategies that blend innovative design with powerful messaging.

LinkedIn Outreach

Create a perfect profile, then supercharge lead generation with strategic outreach.

Voice Outreach

With strategic pitching, we ensure each call drives prospects into your sales pipeline.

What Does Working With Us Look Like?

1. Book a Free Consultation

Where we explore your business goals and showcase our offerings to confirm our perfect fit.

2. Implement A Done For Your Growth System

That consistently and predictably funnels your ideal prospects to your business. 

3. Close, Grow, Repeat.

With our expertise in the background, you’re free to scale your business seamlessly.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Promise To You

Tailored Strategies, Transparent Terms, Timeless Support.


Our free consultation provides a no-obligation opportunity to understand our offerings.

Your Vision, Our

Beyond generic solutions, we sculpt strategies exclusively formulated for your business.

Pricing Model

We have a transparent monthly fee for tools we use, then a set rates for results we achieve.

Human Support

From first chats to final touches, we promise unwavering support and communication.

Case Studies


As the Managing Director of WhyCubed, Bill leverages his vast C-suite and entrepreneurial experience, focusing on leadership and talent development.


Finding a scalable, trackable system to infuse consistent leads into his sales pipeline.


Deployed a tailored LinkedIn and Voice outreach campaign.

Impact in 60 Days

 Prospects Engaged
New Opportunities
Appointments Secured

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From untapped strategies to expert insights, our eBook sheds light on the nuanced art of B2B lead generation.

Got Questions?

Automate Accelerator specializes in B2B lead generation through cost-efficient and sustainable manual outreach on LinkedIn, voice, and email – in stark contrast to the unpredictability of paid advertising. We create organic, high-quality leads using the StoryBrand method, ensuring your business thrives with a predictable flow of promising prospects into your sales pipeline.
Our billing structure comprises two components. Firstly, a monthly fee encompasses the costs associated with all third-party platforms, software, and tools utilized. Secondly, we implement a performance-based system, where charges are incurred based on both the quantity and quality of leads generated, ensuring you receive genuine value from your investment.
We stand out with our winning formula: the StoryBrand framework, performance-based pricing, and a strong commitment to delivering perfectly matched leads. Our focus is on your success and building enduring brand relationships.
While results can vary, our strategic and targeted approach is designed to yield quick and effective outcomes, ensuring a faster path to quality lead generation.

While we can’t provide outright guarantees, our performance-based pricing ensures you primarily pay for tangible results, aligning our success directly with the quality and quantity of leads generated.