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Turn leads into customers predictably and scale your business with our proven
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Your Business Growth Is Our Core Focus

Many marketing agencies out there has probably over-sold you on their services. You bought it and suffered the lack of results & the lack of ROI after a big investment. That’s going to end today.

We help businesses and entrepreneurs create predictability in their business and unlock growth potential using our proven Client Accelerator Acquisition framework. Using a battle tested framework that has helped 100’s of clients, we are confident in helping you grow and scale your business as well!


It’s Time to Stop Wasting Your Marketing Dollars!

Let’s just put it this way. We are your growth marketing and technological partners that work closely with you to grow your business.

We use the latest & proven technology and marketing strategies to capture leads, book you more appointments and ultimately convert them into your customers. Ready to grow and scale your business with us?


The Next 3 Steps Is To Get You Better Results


Profit & Scale

When you win, we win. We will then implement the plan help you get more leads, appointments and ultimately customers into your business. It can only happen when you take the first step. Time to take that step forward.


Strategize & Plan

Get a proven plan from us and see how you can then work with us to implement system, profit and scalability in your business. We’ll do all of the research, strategize with you and finalize an action plan


Execute the plan

We’ll do all of the hard work on your behalf and report to you regularly with results and insights. Now you can stay focused on your business. Schedule a call with us for us to help you identify areas of growth in your business.

What do we offer?


Email and SMS

Connect directly with your owned audiences promoting your brand while increasing sales along the way. Increase Online reviews and reputation to help spread the word from your current customers to your potential customers.


Paid Social

We craft results-driven integrated campaign across all channels to reach your audience where they already are.


Digital PR

Craft a strong brand reputation and presence online with a robust digital PR strategy from NoGood


Optimizing Website To Increase Conversions

Most Websites fail to reach the objective of converting traffic into potential customers. We optimize your websites to convert people via opt-in forms and chat widgets and increase more touchpoints


Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO ensures that every element of your marketing strategy works together to transform prospects int to loyal customers


Sales Funnels and Lead Generators

Building a funnel & Everything you need from A to Z to turn leads into closed customer


GMB Optimization

We optimize your Google My Business to increase your online presence with higher ranking in your locality. So you can always stay in front of your customers.


Automation & Workflow

Text, email, funnels and schedule appointments all from within our app. All on auto-pilot.

Let’s Turn Your Business Into A Automated Selling Machine

Coaches!! Here’s how
you can Predictably Drive More
Revenue By Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn

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We Don’t Just Do Marketing
We Create A Predictable & Efficient Process For You.

Apart from us running our proven conversion marketing strategies, we also employ a top-level End To End Funnel marketing Solution system to ensure a high level of automation and conversion in your business. This helps you to track your pipeline effectively and know the gaps to improve in your business!

Scalable & Secure

We provide Scaliblity and Relaiblity to the business, our platform provides everything you need to communicate seamlessly with your prospects

Results Oriented

Because we focus on results. For us, it’s all about what adds value for you and your business.

Best Practice

Because we know digital. With working knowledge of online and social media, we can take your message wherever it needs to go.

Years of Experience

We’ve been in the industry for more than 15 years We’re chosen by professionals.

Seamless Activation

Because we’re easy to work with. We take the work seriously, but not ourselves. We’re not prickly, precious or pretentious.

First Class Support

Connect directly with your owned audiences promoting your brand while increasing slaes along the way.

The Next 3 Steps Is To Get You Better Results

Meet The Team

Our hard working success team to help you get to where you’re from to where you want to be!

Narayan Rathi

Founder & Agency

Moses Thien

Founder & Digital

Jyoti Singh

Director Of Client

Gel Cabalu

Account Director &
Enrollment Specialist

Koustubh Thabaj

Account Director &
Enrollment Specialist

Dhruv Gokulkar

Head Of Fulfillment &
Senior Media Buyer




Senior Graphics

Rahul Biwas

Web Designer &

Sudeshna Biwas

Web Designer

Rajat Mukherjee

Admin Manager

Johnny Khan

Inside Sales Agent

Let’s Turn Your Business Around Into A Selling Machine

At Automate Accelerator, we know you want to grow your business to newer heights confidently. To do that, you need a platform and a team that works for you to achieve it. Click on the Button below to Schedule a Call to see how we can help you generate revenue predictably and scale your business.


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