What are the best on-page SEO techniques to increase your website ranking?

What Are The Best On-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Your Website Ranking?

On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is the process of optimizing a page’s content, tags, and internal links to increase its search visibility and traffic. Automate Accelerator is one of the best SEO company in Melbourne and is here to guide you with SEO techniques to increase your website traffic. 

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SEO factors to keep in mind

1. Content is the key element

SEO runs on content so it plays a huge role in your website ranking. Quality and presentation are extremely vital techniques for an increase in traffic. Google prioritizes your content based on three broad parameters which are expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritative content.

2. Keywords

The simplest way to let them know that the information on your website responds to a user’s query is in the language you employ. Pages with the search terms in the body, headings, or both of the pages are more likely to be relevant to the search. To put it briefly, you must be aware of the search terms used by your intended audience when creating content. 

3. SEO Writing

It takes a definite level of skillset to produce content. The content prioritizes search engines while also converting website visitors into customers. This subtle art of SEO writing is all about creating convenient reading while the pieces are relevant. It is of paramount importance that there is a smooth flow of language. And highly scannable writing which enables readers to come back more often. These are the sub-points that you should remember for a better SEO writing

a) Don’t overuse keywords: Also known as keyword stuffing, this technique was used by unscrupulous SEO professionals in the past to game the system. Google frowns upon websites that overuse keywords. If caught, your page could be demoted or even removed from search engine results pages.

b) Keep phrases and paragraphs concise: If you’ve ever visited a website only to be met with a wall of text, you understand how difficult it is to read lengthy copy. Keep your sentences and paragraphs brief to avoid driving users away.

c) Utilize subheadings: Subheads stand out due to their size, drawing the attention of those who are scanning your page. Use enough to guide the reader down the page.

d) Use bulleted lists: This may seem very meta, but bulleted lists are an effective way to break up information into easily consumable chunks. 

4. Visuals are important

With long-form and short-form content writing visuals play a significant role and if you are not supplementing the write-ups with infographics, videos or images there is a good chance that you might be losing a large chunk of traffic. Visuals are like information aids that help in a better perception of the products or services you offer. 

5. Title Tags

This is a situation in which attention to detail is essential. This, a snippet of code that enables you to give a webpage a title probably won’t propel you to the top of search engine results pages by itself. But in conjunction with other on-page elements (such as those discussed here), it can help you establish context and demonstrate the relevance of your site.

6. Meta Description

They can aid Google in understanding what your web page is about, and more notably, they have a disproportionate impact on your CTRs. Better meta descriptions provide searchers with a clearer understanding of your page’s content, resulting in more clicks. Therefore, do not disregard them.

7. Efficient Design

Google took the logical step of prioritizing responsive designs in mobile search results as the number of mobile device users increased. This mobile-friendly update only affects mobile search results, and while it is still possible to rank in these results without responsive design, Google strongly advises that sites have a mobile version.


In conclusion, we can say the foundation of on-page best techniques lies in user convenience. In order to achieve such goals these are the basic techniques that we have discussed. At Automate Accelerator one of the best SEO company in Melbourne we assist you in expanding your online presence with significant accuracy with various strategies which will be tailor-made for your business needs.

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