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Seven Ways to Get Your Business Website Noticed

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Marketing a business website is simple – to an extent. Marketing the right way requires time, effort and budgeting – three things that are hard to come by for small businesses that need funding for their business itself.

What’s more important? Marketing or getting noticed? Marketing is definitely important, but without both of them, you can never make strides in your business. Marketing alone is not enough. You have to get noticed for this marketing to work out well for you.

Every small business owner wants their website to get noticed. However, it is hard to do when you are competing with the big companies out there. Fortunately, there are a few things that will help your business’ site stand out on the web and get noticed by customers.

Marketing your business involves a simple equation: Marketing = Awareness – the more people that know about your product, the more potential customers you’ll get. Unfortunately, it’s often not as easy as that.

The first step to marketing is always to make sure your website is up and running; giving people who want to buy from you an easy way to do so. If they can’t find you online, they won’t be able to make a purchase and this will directly affect how much money you make (or lose). But getting your site noticed isn’t always straightforward – here are seven tips designed to help you increase awareness of your business through search engines and
social media sites.

1) Optimise Your Website for Search Engines

Let’s say a person is searching for a Marketing Agency in Melbourne. The first company that comes up in the search results will appear to be the better choice, whether or not it actually is. This means you need to make sure your site appears high up on all of the popular search engines; including Google and Yahoo
To do this you’ll need to create great content using terms people often use when they search online.

2) Include Social Media Site Icons

If someone has found your site and is browsing around, they may decide to share one or two of your pages with their friends and followers via social media. But if you don’t make it easy for them to do this, they’ll quickly get bored and hop off somewhere else.
This means you should include a ‘share’ button on every page; allowing people who like what they see to tell others about it in an instant. It also means including the icons required to use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (among many others). If someone wants to follow your business once they’re done looking at your website, all they need to do is click one of these icons!

3) Start Some Blogs

Blogs are much more than just online diaries – they’re a great way to keep your site fresh and encourage people to come back. Most businesses will blog about new services, promotions and events; making sure visitors have plenty of reasons to stick around.
People who know you well enough to visit your blog may decide that what you’ve got on offer is useful to them as well. If this happens then chances are they’ll tell their friends about it, meaning more traffic from word of mouth! This means blogging can be a very effective method of marketing yourself without spending a cent.

4) Make Good Use of Keywords

Keywords are an important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Essentially you need as many as possible to your business so that search engines know exactly what your website is about.
The terms that people use when searching online for businesses similar to yours, they’re also important keywords that search engines will pick up on! Including them often enough could be the difference between first place and second; allowing you to pull ahead of competitors without spending a cent.

5) Remember Social Media Marketing

Social media websites are an incredibly popular way for businesses to promote themselves at almost no cost. You can join Facebook pages related to your industry, like other companies’ pages, Tweet about relevant topics and make sure customers can easily reach you through Google+ and other communities.
Even if you don’t go to every social media site available, staying active online will do your business a great deal of good. For example when people search for services that you provide, your business may get listed higher up on the results page if you’ve used tools like Facebook or Instagram

6) Improve Your Site’s SEO

All of the above tips are just ways to get more visitors once they’ve found your business. To keep them coming back though, you’ll need something much better than just keywords. This is where SEO comes in; making sure that Google understands what your business is all about.
To do this you should make sure there are plenty of high-quality images throughout your site. In addition, you should try to include links to your business on other relevant sites, tag relevant blog posts and add a ‘meta description’ to each page.

7) Promote Your Business Online

Of course, no business will ever reach its full potential without promotions! This means that you’ll need a well-planned Marketing Strategy that can be regularly updated and adjusted to suit a variety of budgets. You can use paid online ads that can help you reach a new audience at a very reasonable rate. By including the tips above into your strategy from day one, you can make sure your business continues to profit for years to come.
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