Reasons why you need to invest in digital marketing

Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Digital Marketing

Choosing the correct digital marketing agency in Melbourne is the key. With the rise of digital marketing agencies by 2.9% from 2021 to 2022, the choice has become tougher. According to data by IBIS World, there are as many as 9063 advertising agencies in Australia.

But a lot of companies have still not grasped the concept of digital marketing. They do not even have a set budget for the purpose! They are still employing traditional marketing strategies. A major part of these businesses feels that they do not need digital marketing. Traditional marketing is enough for them. Another group believes that digital marketing is a costly expense. They think that they cannot afford to spend this much on digital marketing.

In this article, we will explain why both concepts are false. We will also point out why you need to invest in digital marketing. You also need to choose the right digital marketing agency in Melbourne for the purpose. Only then will you see fruitful results, that is, an increase in the ROI your company generates.

Is digital marketing in demand in Australia?

Yes! Digital marketing is very much in demand in Australia. Digital marketing agencies witnessed more than 60% growth in the last year. So, if you thought that digital marketing was just another form of marketing that was optional for you to choose, it’s time to think again.

Why is it important to invest in digital marketing?

Nowadays, if you are not in digital media, your business has no stand at all. Don’t believe us? Stay with us till the end and you will understand why it is important to invest in digital marketing.

1. The internet is where people are!

One may argue that businesses in earlier times would grow if they provided good quality products or services. Word-of-mouth (WOM) was enough to promote a business when the internet was not available. But that’s the point! It is the era of the internet. The average individual spends almost 6-7 hours on the internet. This covers a quarter of a day. So, instead of the traditional WOM, electronic WOM (or e-WOM) has a greater impact.

2. The competition is ever rising:

You may have spent money on building your company’s website. Now, you may ask us, why do you again need to invest in digital marketing? Being a leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne, this is our answer. There are hundreds, thousands, and even millions of websites on the internet. With so much competition for similar products and services, can you really afford to stay way behind on the search engine results page (SERP)? It will simply be like turning down a client asking them to purchase a similar product or service from your competitor company. You don’t want that, do you?

Therefore, in the ever-increasing competition, it is important to stay at the top of the market. It is equally important to build your brand name along with building your company. This is only possible with the effective use of digital marketing. Invest in the correct digital marketing agency in Melbourne to increase the visibility of your website. Let more people know about the products and services you provide. Rank higher in SERPs with data-driven SEO and SMO strategies.

3. Creating awareness means creating an impact:

At present, the world is at our fingertips. This means people are aware and updated about different products and services. You can no longer entice the common public to buy products or services from your company simply by telling them that your company is the best. You have to prove it. Quality content is a major requirement for this. Your content has to attract people so they read it till the end. Instead of just talking about your company, try a different approach. Here is an example to understand the concept.

Let’s say, your company sells automation software. Now, instead of taking the regular route of preaching why your automation software is the best, do this. Talk about automation software. Tell consumers why automation software is necessary at present. Educate them about the benefits of automation. Then explain why someone should buy automation software from your company. This creates a positive impact in the minds of potential consumers. They feel they now have sufficient knowledge to make a purchase.

4. Client interaction:

Feedback from your existing clients is important for your business growth. They will highlight the best features of your product or service so you can enhance them. They can also point out the shortcomings so you can modify and improve them. Digital marketing helps establish this interaction between your business and your clients. You can use questionnaires or survey sheets to get their feedback. This interaction also helps your clients feel seen and heard. This is very important to form a loyal customer base. This is because they feel valued by your company.

5. Hot lead generation:

Social media is a very powerful tool at present. Social Media Optimization (SMO) allows your brand to be visible where most people can see and know about it. The best part – is that social media is a free platform. So, use it wisely and effectively. Investing in SMO through a digital marketing agency in Melbourne allows your brand content to make regular rounds on popular social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or YouTube. Virality, shares, and re-shares generate hot leads for your business. Chatbots crawl through a user’s search history. If they find any product or service related to your brand, it puts up those content for the user to see. Thus, the leads you get on social media are hot leads that have a high chance of converting into sales.

6. Trackable prospect:

The best part about digital marketing is that you can track the results. You know which aspects of digital marketing are trending. A professional digital marketing agency in Melbourne will allow you to make the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business. They will provide you with regular track reports on the number of sales that digital marketing has brought you. Accordingly, you may focus on a specific aspect of digital marketing. Or, allocate separate budgets for separate branches of digital marketing.   

Why choose Automate Accelerator?

Automate Accelerator develops and executes successful digital marketing methods that can help you grow your business. We presume all opportunities, offer a developed growth track, and feature a scalable firm. Our goal is to get you more customers and more prosperous connections at a low risk to your financial resources. Our goal is to guarantee that you earn a continuous profit and build long-lasting growth for your company.

With Automate Accelerator, you will get training and support. We provide monthly account audits and management calls. So, you are never alone in your digital marketing journey. Help your business achieve greater heights with customized digital marketing strategies by the leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne.

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