Marketing automation mistakes you need to avoid at any cost

Marketing Automation In Melbourne- Mistakes You Need To Avoid At Any Cost

According to a statistics report for 2022, a whopping 93% of businesses are using Marketing Automation in Melbourne. Not just this, the entire industry of Marketing Automation is set to expand exponentially by 2027.

In fact, the Marketing Automation Industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the technological sector.

However, despite the fact that Marketing Automation is spreading like a wildfire in this era, according to data collected by Pedalix, 13% of companies still do not use Marketing Automation and are not even willing to.


In spite of the fact that the industry of Marketing Automation in Melbourne is blooming today like never before, why are several companies out there still unwilling to give it a shot?

Let’s find out.

  1. LACK OF KNOWLEDGE: This is the biggest obstacle to using Marketing Automation as an effective lead generation tool. A stubborn mindset that prevents openness and willingness to know and learn about new technologies bars companies from utilizing this most efficient tool to maximize ROI.
  2. LOW STANDARD DATA QUALITY: Companies that have insufficient or poor-quality data of their previous leads or sales, fail to utilize the Marketing Automation strategy
  3. LACK OF FUNDS: Poor utilization of funds in areas that could otherwise be saved, leads to companies not having enough budget to opt for Marketing Automation
  4. ILL-DEFINED STRATEGY: Some companies use such complex database systems that they cannot fully implement or utilize them in actual lead generation
  5. ROOKIE MISTAKES: Some companies that had opted for Marketing Automation initially, give it up midway. Not because Marketing Automation is ineffective, but, of the lack of proper knowledge and utilization of tools. They ultimately end up mishandling the process which ultimately causes more harm to the company than reaping any benefit.


  • The most common challenge of Marketing Automation is usually the LACK OF EXPERTISE among employees. There are many learning modules, and support systems to guide them through the basics of it. However, the majority are unaware of it, due to their hesitancy in learning new technology.
  • Secondly, there is the challenge of incorrect implementation of the strategy at the basic level.

And, the list goes on and on.

Ultimately, the end point is, that there are some basic mistakes in the Marketing Automation strategy that can lead to chaos and dishevelment across the entire business. And recovering from such a position is often back-breaking!

So, read on this article to know such rookie mistakes. Also, if you have already implemented Marketing Automation for your business and not achieving the desired response, you too should read it to rectify them.  



Underplaying the importance of learning is THE COMMONEST MISTAKE identified in Marketing Automation in Canada. Assuming that it is easy, and therefore, not bothering to go through the basic knowledge of it from different learning modules available will cost you more than you can imagine.

No one is an expert from the start. And, if you think you can handle it all alone, you are mistaken.


Most of the time, data from existing or previous client bases is not properly integrated into the company system. This can either be due to the non-recording of data previously, or the implementation of data silos.

Whatever the reason may be, but, in order to generate a proper strategy by Marketing Automation Tools, a comprehensive database is a necessity. Or else, your target audience will not be properly highlighted. Poor leads will be generated, which, ultimately won’t benefit you at all.


Most companies fail to realize that email marketing is only a segment of Marketing Automation and not the whole of it! Hence, they often rely only on one factor for increasing their sales. They also feel that the greater number of email addresses they can send out their content to, the more sales they shall make. Hence, they often buy huge email databases. However, this is TOTALLY NOT THE WAY IT WORKS. It has got SO MANY NEGATIVE IMPACTS, most common of which are:

a) Their domain may get blacklisted under the “Spam Act 2003” Act in Australia

b) It creates a negative impact on the receiver

c) Wastage of money

Marketing Automation is basically an umbrella term for Lead Management, Social Media, Email, SMS Marketing, campaigns, review generation, Customer-Relationship Management (CRM), and closed-loop reporting.

If you are having a hard time comprehending on how to manage all of the aspects, worry not. We are here to help you out! We will help you with the proper utilization of the Marketing Automation tools.


Emphasizing on a proper niche of consumers is SO SO IMPORTANT! If you don’t create a funnel for channelizing hot leads that have a higher probability of converting into sales, you have got the concept of Marketing Automation wrong! As mentioned in point no. 2, maybe, you don’t have a proper database of your existing consumer base, start from scratch! And this time, use Marketing Automation Tools effectively to help you filter out the needs of different groups of consumers.

Organize automated campaigns, and automated questionnaires, all of which will be customized according to the data provided by your Sales and Marketing Team.


 Test your strategies at a small scale by manual marketing first, and know more about the purchasing psychology of your consumer base. Only then, implement bulk automation.


Unfortunately, Marketing Automation cannot yet curate the content that you send out to your consumers. So, it is the responsibility of your Content Team to focus on writing content that will be eye-catching, yet, not too lengthy.


Email Marketing, though not the only aspect, but, is one of the major aspects of any marketing strategy. Improvise on the following points, and you should be good to go!

a) STOP SENDING TOO FREQUENT EMAILS!!!- Don’t make your consumer feel like you are spamming them. It will create an unnecessarily negative impact. Instead, send automated emails every 15 days, or a month, or maximum, at an interval of 7 days.

b) FOCUS ON NEWSLETTERS- A monthly or quarterly newsletter will keep your consumer hooked on every new progress you are making.

c) TRACK EMAIL OPENS- Email delivery issues are common. Track whether they are straightaway going to the Spam folder or not. Use test groups on different systems, to ensure the deliverability of your emails.


Marketing Automation in Melbourne, and globally, is the most effective tool at present times to gain maximum ROI and generate increased revenue. Leverage it to unlock the full potential of your brand.

If you are planning to shift towards it, or, have already implemented it, but not seeing results, contact us. Connect with Automate Accelerator for finding effective automation solutions. Our expert team is dedicated to regular research, and, with the latest updates and technologies, we will customize strategies for your business, and make it reach greater heights.

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