The importance of SEO for a proper URL structure

The Importance Of SEO For A Proper URL Structure

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator), also referred to as a “web address,” indicates where on the internet a resource (like a web page) is located. People think of URLs as simple, seemingly meaningless addresses for websites. But URL structure is important for SEO. That is why businesses in Melbourne need a proper SEO agency in Melbourne. That can understand and guide you with the URL tangle. URLs can be an effective tool for achieving SEO success, despite appearing to be less significant than the title and heading elements. The end-user has a better search experience with a well-planned and optimized URL. Search engine bots can better understand the “relevance” and “context” of the webpage. Semantically correct URLs improve user experience by either educating the reader or reinforcing a promise made about the “experience” that will be had after clicking on the page link.

Points to remember for a proper URL structure:

1. Keyword Optimization in URL

Although using a URL with keywords can increase your site’s search exposure, URLs generally have little bearing on how well a page ranks. Therefore, while it’s something to consider, avoid making URLs that are otherwise useless just to include a keyword in them. A frequent error that results from selecting the keyword with the most traffic is using a less relevant keyword as the category name. The category’s pages may not always be about the keyword with the highest search volume. Choose category names that accurately reflect the content of the pages they contain. Select the keywords that are most pertinent to users searching for the information or goods contained within those categories if you’re unsure.

2. Length of the URL

According to Matt Cutts a former head of Google and currently the digital administrator of United States Digital service, if the title of the blog or article is around 4-5 words then making a 3-4 worded URL is good but when it starts to get longer than that then the algorithm would bring down the weightage of the extra words and the URL will not be credited much. Studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between a short URL and a high ranking.

3. Word Separators 

It is one of the key features of the URL. Google has recommended word separators for URLs where it says that URLs should not be very complicated, and hyphens are preferred over underscores. And it’s simple to see why. As well as wasting useful characters, underscores are less understandable than hyphens. When it comes down to it, Google believes hyphens make the most sense across the board. 

What are breadcrumbs in SEO and why it is essential?

URLs and breadcrumbs work in a compliment for a business to be visible. A breadcrumb is a brief text path that appears at the top to assist the user with a better experience to make it convenient for them to understand their exact position on the site. But breadcrumbs are mostly directed toward mobile users for a better experience.


URLs can boost click-through rates, but we need to take care of a few things to leverage them. Additionally, shorter URLs give more convenience to the users in their experience. Users help websites become popular by sharing them frequently. Don’t undervalue the influence of popularity on rankings because search engines sometimes display content based on user expectations. The URL is a small, often-overlooked component of SEO, but it has a significant impact on how well your pages rank. We at Automate Accelerator an SEO agency in Melbourne can assist you in creating a great digital landscape for your company.

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