Generate potential leads with marketing automation

Generating Potential Leads With Marketing Automation

In marketing, it is important to have high quality, timely leads. Most frequently, you will be working with the leads you have and try to exhaust them as much as possible. Although, this strategy isn’t always the most effective. A digital marketer may follow leads’ lists and then systematically follow the contacts. The majority of those who were not interested were not thereby convinced by your merchandise. So, the following post will acquaint you with the fact that how to generate potential leads with marketing automation in an effective manner.

Effective lead generation with marketing automation

It enables your marketing team to prevent several redundant actions that require a lot of manual effort. This will improve the efficacy and performance of your marketing group and enable you to get more out of your leads. So, in that way, you can say that marketing automation is the finest way to generate potential leads for your organization. Once you get in touch with the best digital marketing agency in Melbourne, you will get matchless assistance pertaining to any of your marketing automation needs. Having said that, you too can generate potential leads with marketing automation by following these strategies properly.

Significance of Marketing Automation in Generating Leads

Most marketing efforts are intended for the purpose of generating more leads, allowing for more opportunities and ultimately resulting in more sales. From gathering names to promoting desirable campaigns, lead generation is inherently an important process and also a time-consuming one. The efforts toward having these leads nurtured could easily prove useless if they’re not fruitful.


With customization, you can pull personalized data from the prospect’s social profile so they don’t have to enter it manually on landing pages. Personalized emails have been known to generate more revenue than non-personalized emails. However, generating a large number of leads ought not require a great deal of human input and time. This is a process that can be and should be automated, which is why marketing automation has the greatest presence in the lead generation process.

Marketing Network ROI

All in one CRM solutions such as Kreator can help to automate your marketing and sales management. You can calculate the ROI against marketing expenses by all of the channels such as print, web, and social media to help you narrow the most effective marketing channel for your business. By using this strategy, you can generate potential leads with marketing automation in the proper and expected way.

A/B Testing

3 out of 5 businesses claim that A/B testing is beneficial for their websites because it indicates methods that generate high conversion rates. Testing is the only way to uncover which approach is the most successful with your audience. Testing also reduces the amount of conjecture contained within your marketing strategy.

Landing Pages

Drip campaigns are generally deflected to landing pages, where leads can provide their contact info for further information. CRM is the only software tool that you can run to serve this purpose. You can generate leads directly into CRM from landing pages, website forms, and marketing campaign submission responses. Automation is also combined along with landing pages, which has been linked to the rise of conversion rates experienced by as many as fifty per cent.

Drip Campaign Optimization

About sixty per cent of subscribers favour promotional emails. Grouping the subscribers by demographics and behavioural data and then designing campaigns based on this data makes sure that each email is relevant to its recipient. Email is three times more likely to create a sale than social media.

Collaboration between the Sales and Marketing Team

Automation can be utilized by the Sales and Marketing teams to cooperate in so much as the Sales group will get a head start on the Marketing group when it comes to moving the lead to market. Lead scoring will help you identify the suitable moment to deliver the leads to your sales team.

Gleaning of ample referrals with marketing automation

Referrals can be an effective way to get more leads for your marketing campaigns. To utilize this potential, you can use Marketing Automation and design marketing campaigns tailored to getting referrals from your existing customers. Begin by providing your esteemed buyers satisfaction with your product survey. Write an email inviting your consumers who would send in a favourable referral request. These referrals are very valuable because they are given by devotees who already enjoy your merchandise. Other suppliers, associations, or your current attendees may be good resources to find additional referrals. They may be too invested in your product, but at least some of them may develop customer leads for you.

Optimize outbound marketing to qualify and generate inbound leads

Lead-generating campaigns’ responses should be made available to the contacts of the large-scale marketing campaigns. After you complete this process within your campaign, the next stage is to send automatic responses to your prospects through Marketing Automation software. You’ll be able to advertise to different customers depending on the results of the responses that you get back.

Reactivation of all your previous leads

You can use the information you glean from Marketing Automation to help launch campaigns to revive former leads. A lead database based on activity levels, length of purchasing process, email correspondence, and website activity levels can be used to identify the now-defunct leads that need to be revived. If there are interactions but no attention from a lead, it’s wise to activate the lead’s contact information.

Upsell, cross-sell and resell with marketing automation

The marketing team shouldn’t only focus on attracting new customers, but also target existing customers. Parked marketing automation solutions will allow you to use the info you already have about your existing customers. Campaigns may then scan existing customers to get new ones or offer them improved deals so as to encourage them to really stick around.

Let’s wind up!  

To generate potential leads with marketing automation faultlessly, skim through the post above mindfully. Should you find anything intricate, feel free to get in touch with Automate Accelerator, the top agency of digital marketing in Melbourne.

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