What is Automate Accelerator?
We are your growth and technology partners who have worked closely with local businesses, franchises & companies to optimize their sales process and increase their conversions & sales with a proven marketing strategy known as our growth program. Utilizing this proven marketing strategy, we want your business to be able to generate appointments consistently to grow your business.

What is a Performance Based Agency?
Automate Accelerator relies on results & performance, the main benefit for us is your exponential growth. We only get paid when you get leads!

Do you only Work with Fitness Studios?
We’ve been working closely with gyms and fitness centers. We have our platform for everyone who needs automation in their business.

Why Automation for my business?
After speaking and working with hundreds of gyms we determined the #1 factor in determining a gym’s success with cold traffic: Lead Handling, Lead Managing & Lead Nurturing. We routinely see 35-60% response rates from our 4 channel automated follow up system. Our Platform provides all the tools necessary to start conversations with the leads and prospects that flow into our system so that you can do what you do best.

Do you guys have a guarantee?
“Win/Win” is a core value here at Automate Accelerator, which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Seriously, we will give you your money back if you aren’t happy for any reason!

How much does this cost?
Less than half of what you’d usually pay for all of the automations, calendars, landing pages, email marketing, consulting, agency help, CRM & pipeline management softwares, iterations that are required for marketing and lead handling . Not to mention the you’re hiring now because you have no other options.