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Factors to consider when choosing a Google Ads Agency


With Google holding 83.4% of the market share globally, it is undoubtedly the leading marketing platform. That being said, it is no wonder that more and more marketers are looking to invest in Google Ads for advertising. But managing paid advertisements on Google is not child’s play. That is why most companies prefer outsourcing their Google Ads service to a Google Ads agency. 

The real challenge they face is when it comes to choosing the right Google Ads agency. With so many Google Ads agencies in Melbourne, choosing the right one that can meet your demands while providing you with benefits can be a tough call to make. 

In this blog, we will discuss the factors you should consider when finalizing the right Google Ads agency to work with. 

Factors to consider when choosing a Google Ads agency:

1. Google partner certification: 

The accreditation of a Google partner suggests that the Google Ads agency is knowledgeable in running paid advertisements on Google. They are equipped with what they need to manage it.

The most frequent query from marketers is, “Is running Google Ads difficult?” The answer is simply a “YES.” And for this reason, a professional firm must select an agency having the necessary credentials to manage its target campaigns.

Thus, this is the first thing to consider when selecting a reliable Google Ads agency in Melbourne. 

2. Individualized campaigns:

Every company differs in not only ideals but also the products and or services they offer to their consumers. Naturally, a single landing page for all clients will not work. Where PPC generates twice as many visitors than SEO, you would not want to make a bad impression on your clients by taking them to a landing page where they are directed towards several other products and or services they are not interested in. 

Thus, you need to enquire about their landing page tools. If they have a single landing page for all the clients they handle, it is not an agency that is worth investing in. 

3. Transparency:

You should be aware of the click-through rates that your ads are getting on Google. There are several metrics that can help assess your Google Ads performance. So, if you are outsourcing this marketing tool, your Google Ads agency should regularly update you on the performance of your Google Ads. This will help you evaluate the credibility of your Google Ads agency. 

Before you sign a contract, include this in your legal terms and agreement with your agency. If they are unwilling to include this clause, steer clear from them. 

4. Regular strategy planning and revision:

Like any other digital marketing strategy, planning your PPC campaign is not a “once done and over” concept. Regular performance tracking needs to be done to ensure you are up-to-date with your campaign. 

Is your Google Ads agency willing to revise its strategy and sit down for regular planning to ensure that your advertisement stands out among your competitors? If not, they aren’t worth your time and money. 

5. Proven track record of the Google Ads agency:

Choose a Google Ads agency in Melbourne that has a proven track record of providing increased revenue rates to its previous clients. Check out the list of clients they have worked for and the reviews they have received. 

If need be, contact their previous client/s. Learn from them how reliable the Google Ads agency in question is and proceed accordingly.  

6. Conversion rate:

Google Ads on average provide 8 times the return on the initial investment. But as stated earlier, running Google Ads is not easy. Only a professional and seasoned ad agency will be able to provide your company with the target return on investment. Which is the first reason why you are choosing to outsource it. 

Thus, thoroughly consider the average conversion rate they are expecting to sign you up for. This is an important factor to consider when deciding on a Google Ads agency in Melbourne. 

7. Contract tenure:

Any Google Ads agency should have the option of a short-term tenure of about 1-3 months. If the agency forces you to sign a contract with them for more than this, think before you do so. 

This is because, how long you would want to be their client should depend totally on their performance. If they are unable to produce significant results within a stipulated period (for Google ads, we would say a month is enough to at least give a head start to what a company can expect from it), you should be able to leave. Any ad agency that does not allow you to do so, that is, they legally bind you into a contract that you cannot cancel until after 6 months or a year is a big NO. 

If the Google Ads agency can deliver scalable and satisfactory results, you always have the option of renewing it. 

8. Payment terms of the Google Ads agency:

You should spend as much on your Google Ads agency as you are earning from their services. That is, most companies charge a token fee at the beginning of the contract after which they are paid a percentage of the return that you receive through your ads. Some agencies also charge only when you start acquiring a profit margin on your marketing budget on Google Ads. 

So, any company which charges a hefty fee right at the beginning of the contract should not be the one you should choose. 

What is the success rate of Google Ads?

Google is the leader of all global marketing platforms whose average conversion rate is 4.40%. 63% of the population clicks on a Google Ad when searching for a product or service. 

The best part about these paid advertisements is that you need not spend an exorbitant amount on your marketing budget. You earn more than what you invest and you can always start from small. That is why 65% of SMEs have a PPC campaign. 

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right Google Ads agency, take your time to analyse the above factors before you finalise one. 

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