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We don’t need a sales team, we don’t have a reception because Automate Accelerator takes care of it for us. The support from the AA has been excellent. I’ve been looking at this part of my gym to be automated for over 10 years and the Automate Accelerator has been best platform by far!

– Max Lemme, Warehouse Fitness

“Automate Accelerator has simplified my business in great length. It has made a huge difference and managing leads has never been much easier”

– Bill Elliot , Gamify Fitness

“Working with Automate Accelerator and their team has allowed me to streamline my sales process and help me to save time and get better results for my business!”

– Amanda Rakusic, Queen of Lean

“COVID was a bit scary for my gym. With Automate Accelerator we broke our record with earning more than $44,000 the biggest challenge we’ve ever run. The best decision I’ve ever made, I just wish I could find these guys earlier”

– Caleb Ormsby, 6PBC

“Had more engagement with my members and new clients than ever before. Automate Accelerator has saved me so much time and it’s amazing !”

– Shane Moore, Infinity Martial Arts

“Rekindled all the dead leads that we struggle to get hold of, Automate Accelerator has been amazing that’s worth a treat for our gym”

– Tezin, F45 Lismore

“Automate Accelerator has helped me save my time with lots of double handling and missing things.. Give it a go and see the power of this automation set up for you!”

– Dan, Amplify Fitness

“Had more potential clients in my gym, Certainly the way I wanted to bring in the new year! It’s been a really really pleasant surprise”

– Macgregor Mcnair, Fit line

“Would really recommend anyone at least give it a go, easy to use and proven very beneficial for my gym”

– Dan , 9round kickboxing

“With Automate Accelerator we’ve managed to get more members signing up, it’s awesome!”

– Jarvie , The Fight Centre

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Book your call-It's time to turn up the heat. The best way for me to help you take things into overdrive right now would be by getting on a call, choose a time you want to commit to grow your business


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Speak with our strategist on where your business currently is so that we can help to identify any current gaps and effectively create a custom 90-day blueprint that work for your business. There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" marketing funnel and anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional.


Execute On The Plan

There are two ways you can use the free plans we give you. Decide if you like to execute it on your own or work with us!


Build The System

First, you can build the system yourself or hire someone else to do it. If that's your decision, I'm happy we could help and we'll wish you the best of luck


Explode Your Business

Your other choice is to have us build it for you. If that's your decision, we'll create all the campaigns and web pages.. meet with you to help you and provide you with ongoing support .We just want you to like & trust us enough because of the value we have given you that you decide to work with us.



Are You Ready To Create An
Evergreen Client Generating System
That Brings You Continuous Profit
And Growth In Your Business?


Are You Ready To Create An Evergreen Client Generating System That Brings You Continuous Profit And Growth In Your Business?