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7 LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Actually Work

The world is now more connected than ever. This means that the window for lead generations is ever-shrinking. The question, then, is how you can generate new leads? LinkedIn marketing is actually effective. However, there are some tips that will help you understand better and today we will discuss them.

How effective is LinkedIn, really?

Figures say that LinkedIn is pretty effective for growing your business. Research shows that 93% of B2B marketers believe LinkedIn is a great place to get leads. LinkedIn is also where 64% of corporate website visits originate. However, LinkedIn is still not high on the radar when it comes to winning B2B leads. The reason behind this is that much research also shows that social media has not performed very well as a source of leads for companies. But LinkedIn has consistently performed best when it comes to generating leads for B2B. Thus, as far as LinkedIn marketing is concerned, you need to strategically plan so that a consistent stream of leads is generated.

7 Ways You Can Get Leads from LinkedIn

Here, we will see 7 ways that will sure-shot ways for LinkedIn marketing to generate leads for your business.

1. Start with A Company Profile

At present LinkedIn has over half a billion users but most of its bases are not in Australia. Australia is not one of the top five countries. So, you have a lot of room to grow and develop. If your company does not have a profile on LinkedIn, you are probably missing out on getting leads from all over the world. Your area might be running dry so getting global leads will surely help. All you need to do is start with creating a company page. It is free of cost and pretty simple. You set up a page by entering the name of your company. Next, you put up an image that is tied to your brand. The next step is creating an About Us section that reflects your brand’s story. Providing your physical location will also help you get noticed by your potential leads. You can also benefit from including keywords in the About Us section.

Once you are done with setting up your page, you can share the link on your company website. This makes an easy loop for your customers and visitors.

2. Quality Content Matters

No matter which platform you choose, content marketing is essential. Marketing on LinkedIn is no exception. Make LinkedIn posting a daily habit and spread out your multiple posts for more reach and better engagement. On LinkedIn, different types of posts are available. You can write, share photos or upload videos. Experts say that sharing pieces of your content with links to the full post is more helpful. People have a short attention span these days. So, if your content gets them hooked, they will click to find out more. However, do not just share any content. LinkedIn themselves declared that a single conversion can take up to a minimum of ten pieces of content. Thus, curate your content which stands apart in the crowd and also caters to your audience. Using action words also helps. This provides some helpful questions that every marketer should have answers to. It makes your reader curious and thinks about the market in general, and your brand, in particular.

3. Use Features Like Matched Audience

Matched Audience is a recent tool developed by Microsoft. It helps you to make the most of LinkedIn as a marketing platform. It enables you to retarget your website visitors. These are visitors who are already there in your sales funnel. Since most of your audience on LinkedIn is professionals, you know who you are catering to. This increases your conversions and cost per click.

4. Using LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Though a paid service, according to LinkedIn, this feature will help you get 35% larger deals and there will be 34% higher opportunities for your money. With this feature, you can target, research as well as engage in a single continuous motion. This has helped Microsoft boost their sales productivity by 38%. So there’s one more reason why you should consider LinkedIn marketing for your business!

5. Look for Individuals’

Connections and networking are important. However, the right kinds will generate leads that can convert into sales. LinkedIn knows that and enables you to look for individuals with accuracy. For this, click on the search bar and then select people from the drop-down on the left. The All Filters Tab helps you with a more advanced search.

The main aim is that you can seek out individuals in a field that you can build associations with. Also, by showing your eagerness and initiative, you are actively building a reputation as a doer.

6. Searching for Groups

You can also look for groups in your field. This helps you to have conversions with like-minded people or people who are interested in what is going on in your universe. Now, when you look at Groups pages, you will find highlights that are curated. So, the chances of confusion are minimal. Thus, a community of marketers will help you grow into your own person. Thus, LinkedIn advertising also helps you find your clique and nurture them into more than business associations.

7. You Can Create a Group of Your Own

If you do not find a community suitable for your business, or you wish to offer a specially curated window for your audience, starting your own group is a great idea. It also sets you up as a leader in your industry.

Final Words

LinkedIn Marketing could be the missing piece in your business strategy. As the platform is still evolving, you can make this an integral part of your strategy to generate leads. And Automate Accelerator can help you use LinkedIn’s potential to optimize your growth and give you a business that is scalable.

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