How Important Are Reviews In Digital Marketing?

Having easy access to the web has radically changed the way people shop for almost everything today.
From mobile phones to dental services, it’s rare to blindly make a purchase decision without reading through several online reviews. In 2016, 90% of shoppers read at least one online review before deciding to visit a business.Online reviews from customers have created a new field in marketing and communication that bridges the gap between traditional word-of-mouth and a viral form of feedback that can influence consumer’s opinion.
More importantly, 94% of online shoppers reported that a negative review has convinced them to avoid visiting a business.
This means that whatever your industry, having a positive online presence gives you several key advantages, which is why it’s becoming a key part of branding.
Understanding why you need online reviews will help you optimize your customer experience to help create a positive online footprint. Let us review these seven reasons why your consumers’ published experiences with your brand are vital.

Social Proof Drives Purchases

When purchasing something online, people always look for reviews. It is a person’s money and time that is being spent when buying something. It is natural for buyers to be picky about what they buy. This is where reviews are important. People believe in others like them who bought the item, more than the company or the advertisers. Good reviews from previous customers can hence attract more people and trick them into purchasing your product.

Gain Visibility via SEO

Search engine algorithms take into account the importance of customer reviews. A high number of consumer reviews indicates that your business is legitimate and reliable. Your search engine rank will improve if you gain more positive consumer reviews. When feedback about a product is shared on social media, readers may want to look at the brand's website, in turn increasing the brand's awareness and visibility. Feedback on consumer review sites can also impact the number of views of your site. Let us take the example of a washing machine on an online shopping site. This site allows online shoppers to rate their purchase, in general,
and on different aspects of it (ease of use, quality etc). They can also leave free-form comments. If a machine is highly rated by the people who purchased it, it will appear higher in the ranking of all the washing machines available. This will gain visibility for your product. is a digital marketing agency, based in Melbourne. We take care of all your marketing needs. We provide several services to boost your online
presence using SEO, SEM, and many more.

Make You Look Trustworthy

When a user is, say, shopping online. They come across something that intrigued them. Naturally, they will be looking into the details of the product or service. No matter how much a person likes a product, they will hesitate to buy it if they see that no other person has availed the service before. The absence or lack of positive review is a bummer during browsing anything online. Even for installing an app from the play store, we look for its ratings and reviews. This is just to make sure they are not making a mistake. Positive reviews
make your brand visible and at the top during searches.
It is human nature to trust something that is vouched for by many people. Even if many people swore on a bad product, people tend to go with the majority. This idea is used in reviews too. When many users give good feedback for a product, people start trusting it. They recognize the name and brand. Eventually, more individuals will begin to trust the brand and even recommend it to their peers.

Expand the Conversation About You

Trust and visibility together help your brand to grow more. People will start using your brand
more. This will expand conversations. People who have experienced the services of a company will share their positive experiences with their friends, family, and other acquaintances. A company name or brand will hence come up more in virtual conversations and other social media platforms. These are a great source of publicity for any business.

They Are Increasingly Essential to Decision Making

When allowed to choose between two options, decisions are always made on previous knowledge and understanding. When people already know the answer in their heart, it is easier to come to a decision. When in doubt about purchasing something, reviews about them come to the rescue. Users can compare the reviews of different or similar products and make an educated decision. This is crucial to many services.
We can all agree to the fact that reviews and ratings are the heart and soul of online purchases. One negative review can make a huge difference. It can create hesitation and doubt in the minds of the customer. Hence it is of utmost importance to make sure that when you choose a digital marketing agency, choose one that takes care of every nook and corner of online marketing for your business.



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Are You Ready To Create An Evergreen Client Generating System That Brings You Continuous Profit And Growth In Your Business?